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                  The ARTEL Wood Pellet Heater Range has a number of advanced features that make these pellet heaters easy to use, require less effort, and are a clean alternative in terms of their impact on the environment and your home.



auto ARTEL Pellet heaters have an auto ignite function via push button start or programmable timer start.
The top loading hopper for pellet storage which can be filled while the fire is buring without opening the door to the firebox. 
 The pellets are fed into the fire box via a motorized auger. The feed rate is electronically controlled to ensure maximum efficiency burning at all time.
No more
open the door to light the fire, load more fuel or
adjust the fire for effective burning. There is no smoke or smell entering your rooms, and no logs or hot coals falling from the firebox.


remoteStart and stop the fire via the remote.
Adjust the thermostat temperature and the power setting  either via the heater control panel or via the remote control without leaving your armchair.

The heater control panel displays the heaters activity as it goes through the start-up, burn and shut down cycle. It is also used for the setting of the programmable cycles.



 The programmable settings allow up to 2 on/off cycles (e.g. 6 am to 9 am and 5pm to 10pm).
 Imagine waking up to a warm room without the need to burning wood all night.

 With a quick "start up " and quick "Shutdown" times these heaters not only provide greater   comfort and ease of use, but waste less fuel.




 Easy loading of the pellet hopper is provided via the pellet draw for Chimney Insert models
 or the top access door on Elite models
. The large pellet hopper capacity means full bags can be loaded with a burn time of 9 to 39 hours between fills.



panaramic_glass_door  The glass provides a panoramic view of the flames. The airflow over the glass surface 
  keeps it clean.  The Elite 98 has a full lenght glass door.
  The Elite HE series has a double glass in the door to provide extra safety.




Fotolia_22908398_XSNot only are wood pellets an ecologically use of waste wood but the high efficiency and
the low particle emissions produced by the ARTEL heaters means minimized impact on the environment.
Efficiency and particle emission have been tested by an independent laboratory to the TUV and DIN EN14785 standards.


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